Samson Rending the lion

This woodcut print, the woodblock of which is in the Metropolitan Museum of New York, represents the biblical scene of the Old Testament, when Samson meets a roaring lion in the vineyards of Timnath «the Spirit of the Lord struck him and, with nothing in his hands, he tore the lion to pieces as if it were a kid. But he said nothing to his father or mother about what he had done» (Judges 14, 5-6). Datable to 1497-98, due to the many affinities with the pages of the Apocalypse, the convincing hypothesis has been advanced that the head of Samson may be taken from Leonardo Da Vinci's Christ carrying the cross, a drawing kept in Venice and perhaps seen by Dürer during his first trip there.


The artwork is currently on the display in the exhibition "The civilization of weapons and the Courts of the Renaissance".


Albrecht Dürer

(Nuremberg 1471 - 1528)


Samson Rending the lion






mm 380x278 (sheet)

Signed bottom centre


Museo Battaglia Anghiari - Donation Bagnobianchi