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Academies in the 17th Century

Nomi was already a member of the Accademia degli Scompigliati in Anghiari shortly after turning twenty in the late 1650s, when he composed and Oration and an Ode under the pseudonum “Inutile” (“Useless”). From then on his name figures in many of the various “meetings of wise and learned men” frequented by the intellectuals of his day. The Accademia degli Scompigliati, founded by Giovan Battista Testi (Anghiari 1624–85), an author of numerous plays, highlights the town’s vibrancy in organising theatrical performances using the many indoor and outdoor areas earmarked for the purpose, several of which, including both private homes and public buildings, have been identified in recent studies. Shortly before his death in 1702, Nomi founded the Accademia dei Ricomposti in Anghiari, adopting the pseudonym “Negghiente” (“Negligent”) for himself. The academy’s work is still echoed today in Anghiari’s Teatro dei Ricomposti built by the Corsi family in the 1790s.  

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