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Battle of the Milvian Bridge (after Raphael)

The Battle of the Milvian Bridge is a mural commissioned by Pope Leo X (Florence 1475 – Rome 1521) from Raphael for the Constantine Room in the Vatican Stanze in Rome in 1517 but completed by Raphael’s pupils, including Giulio Romano (Rome 1492/9 – Mantua 1546). 

Raphael saw Leonardo’s unfinished work in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, as we know from a sketch he made of it now in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.

Recently reassessed by scholars, Battista Del Moro appears to have been a very active painter and engraver working for most of the second half of the 16th century in Venice and Verona, where he played a crucial role in encouraging the spread of Mannerism – not in Verona alone but throughout the Veneto – thanks to his work as an engraver.  


The artwork is currently on display in the exhibition "Intellettuali in battaglia. Fama e oblio di due letterati dalla Battaglia di Anghiari all'assedio di Famagosta". 


Battista Dall’Angiolo, known as Del Moro

(Verona 1514 – c.1574)


Battle of the Milvian Bridge (after Raphael)


1525-1575 ante


Buring engraving


mm 405 x 566


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