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Knights in Combat after Leonardo da Vinci's Battle of Anghiari

This reversed mirror image may be dated to some time between 1657 and 1666. Gérard Edelinck was born in Antwerp c.1640, training there under Cornelius Galle the Younger (nephew of the better-known Philips Galle). Edelinck built a reputation for himself primarily as court engraver during the reign of Louis XIV in France (together with Charles Le Brun and Gérard Audran) when he achieved memorable results with, for example, an engraving of Raphael’s Holy Family “of peerless vibrancy and skill” (De Angelis 1811), or his celebrated Des Tableaux du Roi dated 1679. We do not know why Edelinck addressed the episode of Rubens’ banner, presumably before arriving in Paris. He may have been influenced by the study of Leonardo’s fresco enshrined in Rubens’ work, or by the traditions of his day. The fact remains that in doing so he made a substantial contribution to the popularity of Leonardo’s iconography of the Battle of Anghiari.


The artwork is currently on the display in the exhibition "Intellettuali in battaglia. Fama e oblio di due letterati dalla Battaglia di Anghiari all'assedio di Famagosta". 


Gérard Edelinck

(Antwerp, 1640 - Paris, 1707)


Knights in Combat after Leonardo da Vinci's Battle of Anghiari




Burin engraving


606 x 450 mm


Comune di Anghiari - Museo Battaglia Anghiari –donazione Loïc Malle - Michele Gautier Lacroix