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Girolamo Magi "A fertile polygraph"

Pietro Aretino’s (Arezzo 1492 – Venice 1556) encomiastic letter, later included in his publication entitled Cinque primi canti della guerra di Fiandra in 1551, confirms that Magi was a member of that recognised circle of intellectuals close to the princely courts of its day. Magi published a considerable number of works, his reputation as a fertile polygraph being borne out by his first publication in Gandolfo Porrino’s Rime dated 1551, followed that same year by the Canti di guerra di Fiandra, the De mundi exustione in 1562, the Annotationes in Aemilium Probum printed in Basel in 1563, and the Variarum lectionum, the popular Della Fortificatione delle città written with Giacomo Fusti, known as Castriotto (Urbino 1501/10 – Calais 1563) in 1564 and finally the posthumous De tintinnabulis in the 1608 and 1664 editions, along with the De equuleo printed several times over between 1609 and 1735.  

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