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Girolamo Magi and "Alberto Durero's opinion"

The treatise Della Fortificatione delle città written by Magi and Castriotto in 1564 and generally held to be the first attempt at a comprehensive interpretation of military architecture, was based not only on Castriotto’s first-hand experience and on Magi’s erudition but also on their consultation of Albrecht Dürer’s treatise on fortifications printed in Latin in Paris in 1535. Magi’s extensive critique of round towers as proposed by Dürer, and by Vitruvius and Leon Battista Alberti before him – his exact words are “for all that, I do not care for them” – highlights a certain maturity and familiarity with the latest developments in the application (including the technological application) of military theory and practice. Only a few years earlier, Magi had displayed his deep humanistic culture in an autograph manuscript (now in the Biblioteca Nazionale in Florence) entitled Ingegni et inventioni militari, accepting the opinion of Alberto Durero regarding the protection of ancient fortifications..  

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