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Girolamo Magi, from Anghiari to Famagusta

Girolamo Magi (Anghiari 1523/8 - Constantinople 1571) was born into a bourgeois family of Anghiari some time between 1523 and 1528, in a society comprising numerous figures who had benefited from careers in the compagnie di ventura or mercenary bands, fully 23 of which were active in the mid-15th century. Girolamo read law in Pisa before going on to study military architecture. His discovery of Dürer’streatise and his encounter with Cosimo I de’ Medici were of fundamental importance in his professional career, spawning the publication, in partnership with Giacomo Fusti, known as Castriotto, of Della Fortificatione delle città, printed in Venice in 1564. Magi’s expertise in the field of military architecture was to prove fatal in the war between Venice and the Ottoman Empire in 1571 when, in his role as superintendent of fortifications in Cyprus on Venice’s behalf, he was captured by Selim II’s forcesat Famagusta and then slain the following year in Constantinople after attempting to escape from prison. 

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