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The Flemish after Leonardo

Through the work of Gérard Edelinck

From 27th June to 27th September 2020  31st December 2021

The exhibition of one of the most important works attributable to the Battle of Anghiari by Leonardo da Vinci. The precious seventeenth-century engraving by Gérard Edelinck depicts in reverse the famous drawing attributed to Pieter Paul Rubens of the Battle of the Standard, inspired by the famous mural painting by Leonardo Da Vinci for the Battle of Anghiari. Gérard Edelinck (Antwerp 1640- Paris 1707), painter and engraver of Flemish origin, after his early training in Antwerp, where he was born, he was employed by Louis XIV in Paris for his mastery in engraving, becoming one of the major representatives of this art. Already Michael Bryan in his monumental Dictionary of Painters and Engravers from 1853 celebrates him: “there is nothing of negligence or mediocrity, every object is perfectly finished, and his heads are distinguished by the most lively expressions”. His engraved production consists of 339 pieces and contains numerous portraits of great personalities and celebrities of his time.

Alongside the exhibition of the works there will be an augmented reality experience for Leonardo Da Vinci's drawings to enhance the accessibility of the information.

The exhibition of the work is possible thanks for the donation of Michèle Gautier-Lacroix and Loïc Malle