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The Palazzo del Marzocco hosts the Museum of the Battle and of Anghiari

The building dates back to the period when Anghiari was expanding outside the original town walls. The complex was located outside the ancient nucleus, in proximity to the Porta degli Auspici destroyed in 1612 (now via Garibaldi, close to the garden of the museum), where the old charcoal bunkers were. It was enlarged and restored over the centuries, undergoing several changes. The coat of arms, located above one of the doors, shows that the building belonged to the noble Angelieri family, whereas the name of the building is linked to the statue representing the Florentine Marzocco. The lion, symbol of the popular sovereignty, was originally located on the wall of Piazza Mercatale (now known as Piazza Baldaccio). It stayed there until 1526, when it was moved to high up on the corner of Palazzo Marzocco by Ilioneo Taglieschi who had obtained it from the Priors of the Community of Anghiari. In 1944 it was knocked down during the bombings. The one that is currently visible is a copy made by Prof. Chegai.