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The only museum that celebrates and tells the story of the Battle of Anghiari and the lost painting by Leonardo da Vinci

A combined ticket for two museums

Two museums in two buildings in the fifteenth-century Borghetto square.

Inside the museums there are artworks that speak of Leonardo da Vinci's idea for the Battle of Anghiari. There is a masterpiece by Jacopo della Quercia, stories of large and small events, historical objects and archaeological finds that tell the history of Anghiari.

Enter the Renaissance with a single ticket!

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Documentation center on the battle of Anghiari by Leonardo da Vinci

Inside the museum, a digital system allows you to get in touch with Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings and with all the copies of the lost painting.

Palio della Vittoria

The reenactment of Anghiari

Every year Anghiari hosts the ancient Palio della Vittoria on the 29 June, celebrating the victory of the Florentine troops and their allies over the Milanese troops of Filippo Maria Visconti. 

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The history of the medieval town of Anghiari

Enter the museum to discover the Battle of Anghiari and then visit the sites of the battle. 

Experience the Renaissance inside and outside the village of Anghiari.

Ask the staff of the museum how to reach the most important historical places in the area. 

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